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I have over 20 years of experience of working with diverse groups in the UK and internationally (Japan, Mexico, Spain, London & Singapore) and am currently teaching English Language and Literature (International Baccalaureate) and English as a second language, at an international school in Singapore. As a mixed heritage working mother, I have a clear understanding and strong interest in developing diversity and inclusion awareness and practice, and in addressing the barriers that individuals face in achieving their potentials in different arenas. I am particularly interested in how internal culture can be improved through inclusive practices. The focus of my 2012 MA thesis was bottom-up approaches to lead change and development within education. My proudest teaching moments have been when I have had the honour of teaching a student who is trying to overcome some kind of challenge or adversity. I take an active interest in D&I and have been involved in local, regional and global initiatives. At the British Council, I was D&I lead for Singapore, an active member in the South East Asia D&I teaching centres working group, and the global race and culture working group. I led International Women’s Day events, and worked with gender equality advocacy groups in Singapore to raise the profile of women. I also represented the British Council at the British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (Women in Business committee), where I was involved in organising a number of events. I recently completed a Keynote Women Speaker’s Programme in Singapore and am HR special interest group lead at PrimeTime Business and Professional Women’s Association, Singapore. Through my volunteering work, I have strengthened my skills in event planning, panel moderation, qualitative research analysis and writing, fundraising and networking.

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