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Our Campaign

Look here for more information about our joint campaign with Glasgow Prisoner Solidarity to highlight the presence of Campus Officers (COs) in schools around Scotland, and gather stories of those who learn and teach alongside them.

You will find a series of blog posts that set out our understanding of how COs have, for many, come to be a normalised part of school life, how patterns of policing and criminalisation are intimately tied up with the realities of structural racism, and ultimately will include a call for people in schools to share any experiences of being schools with COs.

Evidence from other education systems across the world highlight the fraught relationship between systems of teaching and policing: how do the two often end up coming together? Our joint campaign is a call to better understand how this set-up is being experienced in Scotland, to then lay a path towards an education system free from careceral logics that are often at odds with goals of equity of educational outcomes, and teaching towards racial justice.

Blog 1- Facts and History

Blog 2- Policing and Racism

Blog 3- Debunking the myths around Police in Schools

Get in touch

As part of our campaign to spread awareness of COs in Scottish schools, we want to highlight the knowledge of people with first-hand experience of working and learning alongside them. This is key to any success that the campaign may have. 

We are particularly keen to hear the perspectives of learners.

If you are one of these people, we invite you to contribute below and be a part of our campaign. In our third and final blog post, we intend to highlight a selection of experiences and give them the prominence needed to create as full a picture as possible. All contributions will be made anonymous. This is part of a longer aim of sharing the development of the campaign with you and those you teach and learn beside.

Share your experiences here

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon if we'd like to include your experience in our campaign.

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